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Our Ecosystem Layout

Our solutions for tickets, payments, resource management, and planning are carefully designed to streamline every aspect of your event for you.


Get your tickets and make all your orders during the events in one place.

  • Streamline your event’s transactions
    Streamline your event’s transactions through our joint ticket marketplace - your event tickets are bought and resold on our all-in-one platform.
  • Effortlessly access tickets
    Effortlessly access tickets and purchase concessions, merchandise, and more—all with the convenience of a single ticket – all in one place.

Find the music and events that you love.

Book your favorite events and enjoy through our seamless platform.

  • Access the world’s dancefloors
    Access the world’s dancefloors and music festivals through our global platform.
  • Tailored event guides
    Through our curated event guides, you’ll find tailored recommendations based on your music taste.

Analytics for growth.

Our mission lies on empowering promoters and event organizers from data to insight.

  • Data-driven insights
    Data analysis on your attendees’ user experience, cost and expenses reports or pricing strategy, cutting edge technology for the future of events.

Run the operation in one place.

Our roadmap focuses on the cashless distribution during the event.

  • Streamlined inventory management
    Streamlined inventory management for food, beverage and merchandise
  • Live updates and reports
    Live updates and reports on your event’s transactions.

Find a plan that fits your business best

No hidden fees. No surprises. Tailored pricing to suit your needs. Pick your plan and let's go!

Basic Plan
$ /mo
Up to 3 users per account

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Features include:
  • Cashless Payments
  • Ticket Sales & Ticket Validation
  • Inventory Management

  • 1x production manager (dashboard access)
  • 2x bartenders
  • 2x gate operators
Crew Plan
$ /mo
Up to 3 users per account & extra user 5$/month
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Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Bookings & Contracts
  • Analytics
  • Payment links
  • Referral program
  • Artist management

  • 3x production manager (dashboard access)
  • 5x bartenders
  • 2x gate operators
$ /mo
Up to 5 users per account & extra user 5$/month
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Everything in Crew Plan, plus:
  • Expanded Artists Rosters
  • 10 events / 10 concurring events
  • Crowdfunding
  • Revenue Sharing & File sharing

  • 5x production manager (dashboard access)
  • 10x bartenders
  • 5x gate operators

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